About Us

The Noble Philosophy

We are committed to providing quality products, positive social messaging, and education regarding environmental responsibility.  We believe that feeling fabulous in your clothes is rooted in the knowledge that your clothes make the earth feel fabulous too.  We believe that makers deserve safe working conditions and fair living wages.  We believe that progressive thought and purposeful actions will improve standards in the fashion industry, create a better world, a bolder community and a sense of nobility.


About the Founder

Even as a young child, I felt the desire to be an agent for change.  Always feeling a level of responsibility for the people in my orbit, I believed that the "buck stopped with me," and that there wasn't anything I couldn't accomplish if I worked hard enough.Now in my 30's, I've learned a lot about what is and isn't my responsibility with regard to the people around me, but it hasn't stopped me feeling responsible for the impact that I myself can have on the world around me.People have asked me what my goal is for Noble Native, and simply put, it's purpose is to make things better.  Every time I get to write a check to a designer that I know has worked hard to create something, I feel a deep sense of satisfaction because that check is confirmation for them that someone has seen and appreciated their time and effort.  Noble Native is about thankfulness.