Hello To New Adventures

Dearest Noble Native friends, family, and loyal supporters,

It is customary during this time of year, to reflect on the lives we are leading, as well as to set goals for the coming year.  It is with this in mind, that I'm choosing to share some reflections, announcements, and thoughts for the future.

As a supporter of Noble Native, and by default, the larger sustainability community, you're aware of the challenges associated to shopping and living in ethical ways.  The higher costs, lesser availability of options, as well as the sometimes negative feedback from our communities, can make this a challenging ideal to live out.

Noble Native was the culmination of a deeply rooted desire to support artists, shape social values, and influence change in our environment at large.  As the sole employee/owner, I have tirelessly worked to ensure that everything down to our shipping paper, has stayed true to that mission.

After much reflection on the journey in which you've joined me, there has been

 much for which to be grateful.  I've learned so much, and will forever treasure the experiences I've had in making my dream a reality.  However, with much love, gratitude, and a bit of sadness, I've chosen to close Noble Native at the end of 2017.

Closing, was a decision that was difficult to reach, but given the financial realities, and unfortunate political changes, it has simply made small business ownership too difficult to continue.

NobleNative.com, will remain active as a storefront for the remainder of 2017, with DEEP discounts (below our cost) on all remaining merchandise.
With that said, the best part of closing a door, is finding yourself newly open to new opportunities!  It is with much excitement and hope, that I look forward to 2018, and all that it has to offer.
Thank you again for your loyal support, and it's my sincerest hope that we'll meet again in the future ;)