Brand Spotlight on Ruth Ryan



In this brand spotlight piece, I'd like to talk about Megan Sweet and her jewelry line, Ruth Ryan.

Something that I love about Kansas City, is how easy it is to connect with people.  If you arrive here not knowing a soul, just wait 5 minutes, and then you'll either know everyone or know someone that does.  Such is the case with how I "met" Megan (In reality we've still never actually met, but we enjoy a strong online connection).

At my day-job (yes, I still work a 40 hour desk job in addition to running Noble Native), I was approached by a colleague that was singing the praises of someone that they had known in college.  A quick friend suggestion on Facebook later, Ruth Ryan was made available in the shop!

Hand stamped, cut, twisted, and hammered, the available pieces are layering perfection, with several pieces being very stylishly KC proud.