Brand Spotlight On Joah Brown


Why "American Made" doesn't have be basic

I totally understand the appeal of shopping at some those fast fashion stores, the options are fun, the prices are low, and the pieces are always totally on trend.  But what if you're eyes are open to what's going on with our American economy, international labor practices, and environmental issues?  What if you care about those things, but want to look cute and still be able to pay your rent?

Enter, Joah Brown.

I discovered this brand recently, and when I realized that they could fill this need of cute/affordable leisure clothes and be made in America... I had to snatch them up! 

Noble Native is still small, but we care deeply about our mission (read more about it HERE), and offering products to a wider variety of customer budgetary needs, is something that we strive to do.  That said, do not confuse what I just said with what some of those "Fast Fashion" stores are doing, everything we sell is made by workers receiving a living wage, in safe conditions, and with attention paid to environmental impact. 

We'll continue to expand our product offerings from Joah Brown and others, so be sure to stay in touch with us as we grow!

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